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Specialised paediatric Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Certificate 3 and 4 can provide paediatric care in your home. This specialised team also facilitate in conjunction with Camp Breakaway High Need Children’s camps.

Dementia is a name given to a group of symptoms which result from failing brain functions. The major signs are memory loss confusion, disorientation and lessening of intellectual functioning. We all forget things from time to time, perhaps a little more so as we age, but the loss of memory with dementia is different. It is persistent and progressive, not just occasional. ANCS have a team of Registered Nurses that can assist you to access sepecialised services such as; Aged Care Assessment Team Neurologist Geriatricians Alzheimers Australia Support from the right staff with specialised dementia training can assist you to continue to live as independently as possible through the following services; Companionship and leisure activities Showering, dressing and grooming Prompting to take medication Shopping, errands and preparing meals Respite options for carers and family

ANCS transport support service can assist you with; Going shopping Running errands Going to the bank Attending medical appointments Meeting up with friends Attending community groups Being able to access your local community means you can continue to be independent and can also help support your carer and family with these tasks. All of our transport staff are trained in community care, have safe and clean vehicles which are fully insured. All of ANCS staff have regular police checks and annual vehicle checks.

Maintaining personal hygiene not only makes you feel good but also helps you to stay healthy by reducing exposure to infection ANCS staff attend to your personal care needs with discretion and attention to comfort, respecting and maintaining your dignity at all times Services offered are Showering Dressing Grooming Shaving Putting on and taking off Ted stockings

Meal preparation ANCS can plan and prepare nutritious meals that are tasty and simple to make. Good nutrition is part of maintaining peoples health, ANCS can take the stress out of food preparation. Meal Preparation services include; Writing shopping lists Going to the shops or assisting you to shop online Unpacking the shopping Preparing meals Assisting you to organise food services such as meals on wheels

ANCS has 5 qualified Service Coordinators with extensive experience in the frail, aged and disability sectors. Our Service Coordinators provide consistent, coordinated support to meet your needs and provide support for your carer and family. ANCS can offer these services for a short period of time or long term and include; Transitioning from hospital to home following hospital admission Accessing services within your community Providing information on, and accessing, recreation and leisure services Assistance with funding and individual service budgets Advocacy Setting and achieving personal goals set by the client which will enhance your quality of life and community participation

Many people require support around the clock. For some, this will be scheduled support, such as waking to take medication, to be turned or repositioned. For others overnight support will be as needed, such as help with temperature control, pain relief or using the toilet. ANCS's professional, skilled team can provide support during the night with: Getting into and out of bed Personal care Turning and repositioning Medication and pain relief Hydration and nourishment Staying warm or cool Reassurance and emotional support
ACNS have a professional team who specialise in domestic support services. They are also trained in community care and hold Senior First Aid. Support services that can be provided included; Bathroom Laundry Toilet All floors Bedrooms Kitchens Spring cleans ANCS also offer window cleaning (internal and external), gutters and other maintenance required around the home that doesn’t required trade qualified.

ANCS has a very experienced team of Registered Nurse’s and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses that provide clinical care and assessments in your home. Clinical care Medication and pain management Wound management Incontinence management Post acute care After hospital care Recovering from an illness or operation? ANCS staff can help you with; Clinical support and care Personal Care Medication and pain management Transport to appointments

ANCS has a qualified and experienced palliative care team who are capable of anticipating and responding effectively to the care needs of people choosing to die at home. ANCS palliative care team will support people with cancer and other life limited conditions for a wide range of people within the Central Coast, such as; young carers of parents with a life limiting illness Older people People with dementia People with a disability Veterans People from CALD background and Aboriginal people People from Special Needs Groups ANCS’ Palliative Care Team focus on ‘living’ well until death and improving the quality of life through the following services; Registered Nurse care Advanced Care Planning (documenting a person’s wishes while they are able to communicate them) Medication and pain management Household tasks Preparing meals Respite for carers Reassurance and emotional support Assist to minimise unnecessary hospital admissions Bereavement support

ANCS has one of the Central Coasts highly respected clinicians with over 40years experience, specialising in; mental health loss and grief trauma drug and alcohol as well as many years the local Aboriginal community. Creating a safe, empathetic and respectful environment , working with clients on an individual basis. Flexible appointment times can be arranged as well as after hours appointments.

ANCS is a leading community service provider for the NDIS, iCare and the Public Trustee, offering you greater choice, participation and contribution. One in five Australians have a disability; some are born with a disability, others suffer injury or illness that results in a disability Communicate and interact, including using non-verbal techniques Manage and understand behaviours Access the community for work, education, sport and leisure Case Management Assistance with the management of a funded package allocation to you or your family Personal care Shopping and errands Transport to appointments Respite ANCS has a strong affiliation with Breakaway Inc-It is a place where people with disabilities can enjoy a break from the institution in which they live or a break from their family routine. Breakaway is a self-funded registered charity serving people with a disability and children with high medical needs by providing a respite camp opportunity for people with of all ages with a disability.

Carers provide care and support to family members and friends who are frail or have a disability, mental illness, chronic health condition or terminal illness. ANCS can support carers so they can continue to live, work, socialise and care, by providing the following for the person they care for; Companionship and outings Preparing and serving meals Help around the home Personal Care and grooming Shopping and errands Respite is adaptable to ensure everyone get the most out of their time and a break from the usual routine. ANCS is also able to provide Holiday services for those holidaying on the Central Coast or for people from the Central Coast that require travel companion to assist with care needs while on holidays.

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